Grid Penalties :(

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Grid Penalties :( Empty Grid Penalties :(

Message par RaySinKa le Ven Sep 01, 2017 2:52 pm

What's your view?

Are they the correct way to police costs?

Who benefits?

I'm not sure I support budget caps, F1 is a big boys sport and there is no way it will ever be cheap. Costs are a barrier to entry but even with the attempts to cap costs, with the exception of Brawn, even with caps the new entrants haven't done so well. Haas are almost there but they came with a racing pedigree and a lot of foundation knowledge that may have aswaged some of the immense start up costs.

Grid penalties for having to run too many engine, gearbox and other elements just makes it more difficult for those in difficulty. Have a weak element at the start of the season and you are forced to live with it for the season, hampering car improvents, hampering a team getting results and restricting them getting the financial benefits of their placing in the Constructors Championship.

However for me the bigger issue is that it penalises the driver as well and also the fans from seeing the best racing at the front. I accept that having Verstappen starting at the back will create some interesting racing and magic overtaking but I don't get over excited at seeing Verstappen passing a back marker.

So what I would like to see is the teams punished for infringements not the drivers.

Points deductions from the Constructors Championship, not the Driver. Punish who has broken the rules.

I accept that will hurt the team's income if they lose places in the Constructors table but the races are not affected and us fans get to see the best at the front. As do sponsors and/or potential sponsors.

Your views?

Bored with F1!!!!!

Gone over to Moto GP and Rallycross!

Where they race in the rain.
Ride flat out.
Overtake using speed and skill.

Bye, Bye.


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Grid Penalties :( Empty Re: Grid Penalties :(

Message par Zag le Dim Sep 03, 2017 11:14 am

I don't disagree with anything you say Ray except to say I am sure I don't agree with budget caps!
Although I guess most of the big teams will be largely circumventing them anyway...

Penalties as you say should affect the team not the driver. As it is, its an unfair and daft system.

Just a point about yesterdays qualifying... what nonsense!!
The best drivers in the world (?) and they wouldn't know that in heavy rain you drive slower?
It is time for Charlie to go, his decision making is spoiling the sport!

At the end of qualifying it was as wet as it was in the previous two hours and it was one of the most
exciting finishes I can remember!


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Grid Penalties :( Empty Re: Grid Penalties :(

Message par Panda le Dim Sep 03, 2017 2:58 pm

They took the license to manipulate the competition as it suited them. We are screwed.

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